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The Complete Fronted User Management + Membership + Social login +Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

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Drag & Drop Form Builder

Create Forms easily with our easy to use Drag & Drop Builder.

Conditional logic/menu

Conditional logic to show and hide fields.Conditional Menu ( Show menu on the basis of user role, logged in or logged out user ).

Social Login

Add social login in registration forms, login forms, comments.


Support Wish List features for members. Members can either add product or even article to there wish list.


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    Frontend Profile Editor

    Let your user manage their profile from frontend, you can even add additional fields in update profile section other than the one you have added in registration form.

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    User roles & capability manager

    Now manage your users with roles, define different roles based on your user base. Creating a new user role or granting permission to existing role is easier than having a piece of cape with Frontend User Pro.

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    Email verification

    Verify your user email when they register. Frontend User Pro sends out an verification email to user and after they confirm they
    can use your site.

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    12 Inbuilt Design

    We have included 12 beautiful designs so that you can create•beautiful. forms in a minute.

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    Form validation

    What’s the use if your form doesn’t have proper validation. When a user submit a form in frontend he will be asked to enter only numbers in number field or correct email in email fields.

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    Guest Post

    Creating a guest post is just a click away in Frontend User Pro. You can euen register the guest user when he submits a guest post or just collect his email id for future.You can euen register the guest user when he submits a guest post or just collect his email id for future. or just collect his email id for future.

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    Responsive designs

    All Forms are fully responsiue.

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    Auto Responder

    Automatically Respond user on submitting the form successfully.Frontend User Pro uses a predefined message to email your userwhen a form is submitted. you can customize his email as per your need.

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    Multi level membership

    Create a membership site with unlimited level. You can create a free membership site, paid or both. You can even create sub-level.

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    Support Paypal

    When it comes to paying online. Paypal is the first word we think of not just because of its popularity but also because of ease of use, give your customer the ease and satisfaction by using paypal to get paid for your subscriptions

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    One time & Recurring

    One Product neuer fits all your customer. giue your user options to purchase a lifetime membership plan or let them pay you monthly/weekly or even daily.

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    bb press & buddy press support

    Frontend user pro integrate Smoothly with bbpress and budypress

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